Welcome to the official website for Pantiles Bandstand Events! We’re passionate about creating memorable events in the historic Pantiles area of Tunbridge Wells, with a huge variety of festivals, markets, live music and special seasonal events in some of the most iconic surroundings in Kent.

The Pantiles has been a popular attraction in the town since the chance discovery of a natural spring in 1606, which made the area a must-see for visitors and the most fashionable place to stay for miles around. We like to think we’ve continued in the tradition of providing something special for people visiting Tunbridge Wells, helping to create a thriving community of businesses, traders, residents and sightseers alike!

You may already have heard of Jazz on The Pantiles, but did you know we run events almost every week, all year round? From our Food Festivals, to Christmas Markets – see our full list of events here.

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